Tim Kruger

Oxford Geoengineering Programme (OGP), University of Oxford & Origen Power
United Kingdom

Tim Kruger manages the Oxford Geoengineering Programme (OGP), at the University of Oxford. The OGP assesses proposed geoengineering techniques and the governance mechanisms required to ensure that any research in this field is undertaken in a responsible way. He has investigated in detail one potential geoengineering technique, that of adding alkaline materials to the ocean as a way of enhancing its capacity to act as a carbon sink and to counteract the effects of ocean acidification. He is also a co-author of the Oxford Principles – a set of draft principles for the conduct of geoengineering research.

Tim is also the CEO of Origen Power, a start-up that is developing a technology that uses natural gas to generate electricity in a way that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.