Nigel Moore

Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy

Nigel Moore is Manager of Global Programs and Initiatives at the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy, located at the University of Waterloo in Canada. He currently manages an international consortium of institutions working to address energy poverty with renewable energy solutions. Previously he spent five years in the field of climate engineering at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (Germany), the Oxford Geoengineering Programme (UK) and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (Canada). The focus of his work on climate engineering is the governance of research, particularly the application of the principle of transparency through mechanisms of research disclosure. In his previous capacities he has created an online library of reference material on CE and has been involved in the organization of conferences, summer schools, workshops, and public seminars aimed at increasing the availability of reliable information about CE to interested publics and providing venues for deepened discussions amongst experts. He was also a member of the CEC14 Steering Committee.