Matthias Honegger

Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Potsdam & Perspectives Climate Change

Matthias has over five years of experience working on international climate change policy, having worked at Perspectives Climate Change as analyst and consultant for various UN organizations, multilateral development banks, development agencies and environment ministries. Over this time he has worked extensively on questions of governance surrounding Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) and Solar Radiation Management (SRM), moderated expert meetings and authored and co-authored various publications including on existing governance elements for climate engineering under the UN Climate Convention and the Paris Agreement. Matthias has joined the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in 2016 in order to dedicate his time entirely to researching implications of NETs and SRM on the global risk governance of climate change. Recently he has been working on the question, whether and how suitable policy instruments that address NETs could look like in view of their funding requirements and the broader Sustainable Development agenda.