Jiajun Wu

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Jiajun is a first-year Ph.D candidate with spectacular interest in Blue Carbon and global climate change. Jiajun moved to Kiel after finishing undergraduate study in marine biology at Ocean University of China, Tsingtao. Back then, he had intensive training in marine biology and oceanography. Afterwards, Jiajun spent 3 years in his Master program Biological Oceanography at GEOMAR, in which several seminars and lectures made Jiajun interested and inspired in marine biogeochemistry modelling. In November 2016, he started his Ph.D career. By estimating Blue Carbon (CO2marine photosynthesis) climate engineering ideas in computational models, he looks forward to efficient and sustainable solutions to mitigate the climate change via enhancing the carbon capture & storage (CCS) in the ocean.