Franz D. Oeste

CEC17 contributor

Since young age Oeste had affinities to nature, especially intrigued by geology, chemistry and biology. Chemical Engineer in different branches of the processing industry and the chemical industry as a Research Scientist from 1971 to 1996, when he founded gM-Ingenieurb├╝ro located in Kirchhain, Germany. His engineering company is specialized in technical services and finding novel methods for the in-situ investigation and treatment of surface water, groundwater, waste water, exhaust and atmosphere. Furthermore Oeste has developed processes for waste reuse and improvement of technical production processes (carbon fiber production, disc brake production, cupola furnace operation). Through his research, Oeste has developed various new technologies, and has been awarded many patents in the different fields of his recent and former activities. Oeste is the inventor of the nature-mimicking ISA method, the only existing CE method acting in the lower troposphere by simultaneous and environmental friendly depletion of atmospheric methane, ozone and CO2 and accompanied by cloud albedo increase.