Franz D. Oeste


Protection of the ocean from climate-induced euxinia

Paleozoic ice caps and permafrost contain fertilizer and organic litter. Melt water, molten mud, and activated weathering of thawed surfaces provide the water run-offs with huge organic and mineral loads. Increasing melt water and precipitation volume generate nutrient-rich fresh water layers spread on the ocean surface.  Stratification effect of this fresh water layer interrupts O2 and CO2 surface-to-bottom-transport and eutrophicates the phytoplankton surface layer. Rain of organic litter induce additional reduction of O2, nitrate, iron(III), sulfate and CO2 by generation of  toxic H2S and GHGs CH4 and N2O.
Paleozoic ice cap melt events induced euxinic catastrophic mass extinctions. Even incomplete ice cap and permafrost melt would induce stratification but stronger eutrophication than last interglacial melts. Current ocean fertilizer and organic litter input by rivers and melt are definitely higher: Oxygen deficiency and decreasing vertical currents in the ocean were detected recently.
Anoxia and euxinia would fast destroy parts of this essential ocean food base. This heat-induced threat must be stopped as fast as possible. The only known realistic measure to cool the Earth’s surface is a sustainable geoengineering method. To our knowledge only the Iron Salt Aerosol method can fit this demand.

Since young age Oeste had affinities to nature, especially intrigued by geology, chemistry and biology. Chemical Engineer in different branches of the processing industry and the chemical industry as a Research Scientist from 1971 to 1996, when he founded gM-Ingenieurbüro located in Kirchhain, Germany. His engineering company is specialized in technical services and finding novel methods for the in-situ investigation and treatment of surface water, groundwater, waste water, exhaust and atmosphere. Furthermore Oeste has developed processes for waste reuse and improvement of technical production processes (carbon fiber production, disc brake production, cupola furnace operation). Through his research, Oeste has developed various new technologies, and has been awarded many patents in the different fields of his recent and former activities. Oeste is the inventor of the nature-mimicking ISA method, the only existing CE method acting in the lower troposphere by simultaneous and environmental friendly depletion of atmospheric methane, ozone and CO2 and accompanied by cloud albedo increase.