Dehlia Hannah

Aarhus University

Dehlia Hannah is a philosopher and curator based in Copenhagen. She is Research Curator at the Centre for Environmental Humanities at Aarhus University, Denmark and affiliated faculty with the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University. She holds Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia University with specializations in philosophy of science and aesthetic theory. Dehlia deploys her philosophical training to write about and curate art exhibitions that explore environmental imaginaries and epistemologies. Her current book project, entitled Performative Experiments, articulates the philosophical implications of contemporary artworks that take the form of scientific experiments and deploy scientific methods and materials as new media. She is currently principle investigator and curator of A Year Without a Winter, a three-year, transdisciplinary thought experiment about climate change conducted on the bicentennial of the Tambora climate crisis of 1815-18, the results of which are forthcoming from Columbia University Press in spring 2018.