Anjali Viswamohanan

Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)

Towards developing an effective global geoengineering governance regime – one regional research platform at a time 

Due to the global reluctance in congregating to develop a concerted approach on regulating geoengineering research, there is an unfettered growth in the risk perception associated with climate engineering, which is significantly stymieing progress in this sector. One approach that interested countries may consider adopting,as a start to addressing the issue, could be to set up national/ regional-level geoengineering research platforms (with a three-pronged focus on governance, funding and collaboration on expertise related to geoengineering). Apart from enabling co-ordination among the existing pool of climate engineering researchers in the region, such a platform  could also serve as a repository of information on all past and on-going research, which would serve to both raise public awareness and facilitate discussion around governance issues among global leaders. The poster would focus on the relevance and institutional design of such a dedicated multi-stakeholder (including climate scientists, regulators, funding agencies, representatives from climate think tanks, etc.) research and development platform and also examine how this could, through eventual bilateral and multilateral agreements, create a network of such platforms, leading to the establishment of an integrated global geoengineering governance body.

Anjali Viswamohanan is an analyst at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water, where she works extensively on regulatory and finance issues in the energy space. Her broader role is centred around assessing the feasibility of energy transition scenarios as a response to the perpetually evolving technology mix. She is keen on developing frameworks around governance issues, specifically to advance the development of technology that deals with the mounting climate change-related concerns of the underdeveloped and developing world.
A lawyer by training, she has in her previous role, worked extensively on energy projects and public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the Indian infrastructure space.