When will CEC21 take place?

CEC21 (virtual) will take place from the 4th - 8th of October, 2021. 

Where will CEC21 take place?

CEC21 will be held virtually.

What are the registration fees for CEC21?

No conference fee will be charged for the virtual CEC21 in order to encourage open and inclusive participation


Who is in charge of organising the CEC conference series?

The conference is organised and hosted by the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS-Potstam). The intellectual content of the conference is coordinated by a Steering Committee, with the assistance of a larger Advisory Group

Who should I contact if I want to propose a session or contribution at CEC21?

The call for session proposals and call for contributions has now closed. You may register as a non-contributing participant when the next wave of registrations is open. Please monitor the website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates including announcements of registration dates . 

How can I register for CEC21?

There will be three ways of registering to participate at CEC21:

1. The CEC21 Steering Committee will issue a call for session proposals to invite interested stakeholders (academics and non-academics alike) to submit their ideas for sessions.

2. The CEC21 Steering Committee will issue a call for contributions to invite interested parties (academics and non-academics alike) to submit ideas for how they could contribute to the conference.

3. The CEC21 Steering Committee will open registration for non-contributing participants. Those who are interested in attending the conference without a specifically assigned role are encouraged to register during this period.


The call for session proposals took place from December 2019 - March 2020 and has now closed. The call for contributions took place in June 2021 and has now closed. 
The dates for the open registration are yet to be announced. Those interested in attending should monitor the website and social media for regular updates. 

Who should I contact for technical support in planning my session/contribution to CEC21?

Please contact our technical provider Greenstorming through the email address support-cec21@greenstorming-event.de