Climate Engineering Conference Series: Critical Global Discussions 

Climate engineering is an increasingly encountered topic within political, scientific, and cultural discussions of climate change. Building on the success of the two previous international climate engineering conference in 2014 (CEC14), and 2017 (CEC17) by organizing the CEC conference series, we strive to continue critical global discussions by bringing together the research, policy, and civic communities to discuss the highly complex and interlinked ethical, social and technical issues related to climate engineering. The conference will provide a thorough and timely update on the latest developments in the field. We seek to facilitate discussions about the future development of research on reflecting sunlight away from Earth and removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, within the context of efforts to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change. CECs thereby serve as an opportunity for a diverse audience of scientists, policy-makers, civil society organizations, and members of the public to critically engage with current research and the broader discussions that surround it.



The overarching objectives of CEC are:

  • Bringing together the debate’s diverse stakeholders – academics as well as representatives from the policy and civil society communities.
  • Providing a forum to (1) present and discuss results, (2) review the state of the debate, and (3) scope key research questions and challenges for academia and society.
  • Providing a forum for experimentation with innovative session formats to address the complexity of issues around the topic of climate engineering.
  • Providing a platform for networking, collaboration and exchange across disciplines, sectors (particularly academia, policy and civil society), countries, continents, and generations.


The conference will reflect the IASS’s transdisciplinary approach. Accordingly, the conference intends to provide a venue for explorations of climate engineering via disciplinary research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and transdisciplinary engagement. In disciplinary research, specific questions are addressed from a single disciplinary perspective at a great level of specialization and depth. In interdisciplinary collaboration, specific questions are addressed simultaneously from different disciplinary perspectives. In transdisciplinary engagement, new approaches that merge more traditional disciplinary perspectives with input from different stakeholder communities, such as academics, NGOs, the media, and policymakers, provide new frameworks for discussing issues of collective interest and relevance.