Sirazoom Munira

Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS)

Solar Radiation Management - Perspectives of Bangladesh and Practical Actions

The poster presentation will be based on Bangladesh, as one of the hotspots of climate change impacts and the journey of SRMGI in Bangladesh. The poster will be divided into four (4) sections. The first section will give a climate change overview of Bangladesh by elaborating its risks, vulnerabilities and hotspots. The second section will be based on how the Bangladesh government is making great strides to address climate change issues, both in terms of adaptation and mitigation. The third section will be based on demonstrating the solar initiatives taken by Bangladesh so far, explaining the Solar Home Systems (SHS), Sustainable Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA), among others. It will also pose suggestions why opinions from Bangladesh really matter and the ideas of success and failures of SRM that emerge from Bangladesh, as a developing country. Lastly, the poster will address what kind of SRM future the world can envision, in terms of governance structure, research, finding and public discussions, i.e. the future journey of SRM in Bangladesh. This section will refer to some previous work, like the research affiliation with The Royal Society (with reference to the scientific work, Geoengineering the Climate, 2009); SRMGI's engagement with Bangladesh through participatory workshop and conferences- the case of Dhaka workshop in February 2017 and the present, Berlin conference in October 2017. It will also present the key outcomes of the Dhaka workshop from key researchers, academicians and global negotiators.  Finally, the poster will propose key ideas by sharing a four (4) year plan with SRMGI, which will be mainly based on ethics and governance; potential early experimentation- ideas from Bangladesh; people's perception on SRMGI and the degree of acceptance; and finally, roles and reflection from Bangladesh government, private sector, research communities and relevant stakeholders from the rural an urban communities on SRM.

Ms. Sirazoom Munira is a Senior Research Officer at the renowned policy-research institute, Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies (BCAS). She is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Environmental Science and Management (ESM) at North South University (NSU). Ms. Munira has an outstanding academic profile. She completed her O/A Levels from Scholastica school with Honors and The Daily Star Award. In 2014, she graduated with the prestigious Summa Cum Laude Award upon the completion of her Undergraduate Degree in the discipline of Environmental Science at NSU. In 2015, she completed her Master’s program on Environmental Management at NSU and was awarded the Chancellor’s Gold Medal by the Honorable President of Bangladesh on attaining a perfect GPA of 4.0. In 2016, she was offered the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship by the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission in the UK and such, she attained her second Masters on Risk and Environmental Hazards from Durham University. She completed this degree with an overall Distinction. Ms. Munira has experience working with the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) in London and is currently an active member of the Commonwealth Alumni Association in Bangladesh. Ms. Munira wants to continue working on the climate change sector in Bangladesh and envisions her country be free of poverty and hunger. She is also an occasional classical music singer and is exhibits interest in the arts.