Data protection policy


We take the protection of your personal information very seriously and strictly adhere to the rules of data protection laws. Personal data is collected on this website only to the extent technically necessary. In no case will the data collected be sold or passed on to third parties without authorization.   The following statement gives you an overview of how we ensure this protection and what kind of data is collected for which purpose.

Data processing on this website  

a. Categories of personal data we process

  • Server logging: Browser type / version, operating system used, referrer URL (previously visited page), host name of the accessing computer (IP address), time of server request
  • When booking an event: Salutation, title, first name, surname, e-mail, company, country.


b. Source of personal data: Your personal data is collected on our website either as part of the server communication or through your registration of the above-mentioned data for that purpose.


c. Storage duration

  • Server logging: Maximum 7 days 
  • When booking an event: Storage until the event is completed